Hitachi AC Service Center in Coimbatore


Hitachi AC Service in Coimbatore

Hitachi AC Service Center in Coimbatore

Hitachi AC Repair Service in Coimbatore

Sai Vinayak Services provide urgent Hitachi ac service in Coimbatore and various problems. Indeed, over time, the full operation of any split system can be disrupted. If such problems arise, you should contact professionals. And the reason for contacting the Sai Vinayak Services is the highest level of qualification for a technician. We will professionally fix defects in the operation of any Hitachi AC.

The Hitachi AC repair price depends on the complexity, and broken parts also affect the cost and timing of repairs.

Hitachi AC's main problems

  • Mechanical damage to the freon pipeline route
  • Depressurization of rolling joints
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Compressor failure
  • Indoor or outdoor fan motor short circuit

Saivinayak Service and Spare's technicians will consistently take all the necessary measures to set up the quality work of the Hitachi ac.

Hitachi AC Service Center in Coimbatore

Your Reliable Choice for Hitachi AC Service in Coimbatore

During the scorching summer months, a well-functioning air conditioner becomes an indispensable asset to keep your home or office cool and comfortable. If you own a Hitachi air conditioner in Coimbatore and encounter any issues with its performance, look no further than Sai Vinayak Services. With a team of skilled technicians and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Sai Vinayak Services is your go-to service provider for Hitachi AC service in Coimbatore.

Expertise in Hitachi ACs:

Sai Vinayak Services takes pride in its team of experienced technicians who possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in handling various models of Hitachi air conditioners. Whether you have a window AC, split AC, or an advanced inverter AC, their technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of issues specific to Hitachi AC units.

Comprehensive Hitachi AC Service:

At Sai Vinayak Services, they offer comprehensive Hitachi AC service to cater to your AC's specific needs. Their services include routine maintenance, cleaning, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning to ensure your Hitachi AC operates at its peak efficiency. Regular servicing helps in prolonging the lifespan of your AC, improving energy efficiency, and preventing major breakdowns.

Accurate Diagnosis and Efficient Repairs:

Hitachi ACs are known for their advanced technology and reliable performance. When it comes to repairs, precision is key to maintaining the quality of your AC. Sai Vinayak Services' technicians are well-trained in the intricacies of Hitachi ACs, enabling them to conduct accurate diagnoses of any issues. Whether it's cooling problems, refrigerant leaks, compressor malfunctions, or electronic faults, their technicians efficiently address and resolve the problems to restore your Hitachi AC's optimal performance.

Usage of Genuine Hitachi Spare Parts:

To ensure lasting repairs and optimal performance, Sai Vinayak Services uses only genuine Hitachi spare parts for replacements. They source authentic components directly from Hitachi or authorized suppliers, guaranteeing that your AC operates optimally after repair and that its warranty remains valid.

Prompt and Punctual Service:

Understanding the discomfort caused by a malfunctioning AC, Sai Vinayak Services prioritizes prompt and punctual service. When you reach out to them for Hitachi AC service, their technicians swiftly schedule a visit to your location, aiming to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and restoring comfort to your home or office.

Transparent Pricing and Customer Satisfaction:

Sai Vinayak Services values transparency in pricing and focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction. Before starting any work, their technicians provide a clear and detailed explanation of the issue and the estimated cost involved. This transparent approach empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your Hitachi AC service. Additionally, their dedication to customer satisfaction ensures a positive and hassle-free service experience.

For reliable and expert Hitachi AC service in Coimbatore, Sai Vinayak Services is a trusted choice. With their team of skilled technicians, commitment to customer satisfaction, and use of genuine Hitachi spare parts, they are well-equipped to address all your Hitachi AC service needs. Keep their contact details handy to ensure your Hitachi AC receives the best care and attention it deserves for optimal performance and longevity.

Ensuring Optimal Performance of Your Hitachi AC in Coimbatore

When the summer heat becomes unbearable in Coimbatore, having a well-maintained and efficient air conditioner is crucial for your comfort. If you own a Hitachi AC and are looking for reliable servicing and repairs, Sai Vinayak Services is the name to trust. With years of experience and a team of skilled technicians, Sai Vinayak Services offers comprehensive Hitachi AC service in Coimbatore.

Why Choose Sai Vinayak Services for Hitachi AC Service?

1. Expert Technicians: Sai Vinayak Services takes pride in its team of experienced and well-trained technicians. Their expertise in handling Hitachi ACs of various models ensures accurate diagnosis and efficient repairs, getting your AC back up and running in no time.

2. Comprehensive Servicing: Sai Vinayak Services provides a wide range of Hitachi AC services, including routine maintenance, cleaning, and fine-tuning. Their comprehensive approach helps in improving the energy efficiency and performance of your AC, ultimately saving you money on energy bills.

3. Genuine Spare Parts: For any replacement during repairs, Sai Vinayak Services uses only genuine Hitachi spare parts. This ensures that your AC continues to function optimally after the repair, and it also maintains the warranty coverage on your unit.

4. Prompt and Punctual: Sai Vinayak Services understands the inconvenience caused by a malfunctioning AC, especially during peak summer months. As such, their technicians prioritize prompt and punctual service to provide you relief as quickly as possible.

5. Transparent Pricing: At Sai Vinayak Services, transparency is paramount. They provide a clear and detailed breakdown of the repair costs before commencing any work. You can rest assured that there will be no hidden charges or surprises.

6. Customer Satisfaction: Sai Vinayak Services values its customers' satisfaction above all else. Their technicians ensure that the entire service process is hassle-free and that you are completely satisfied with the work done on your Hitachi AC.

Schedule Your Hitachi AC Service Today:

Don't let a malfunctioning AC disrupt your comfort and well-being. Schedule your Hitachi AC service with Sai Vinayak Services today and experience the expertise and dedication they bring to every job. With their reliable services, your Hitachi AC will continue to keep you cool and comfortable even during the hottest days of summer in Coimbatore. Keep their contact information handy for any AC-related needs, and enjoy uninterrupted comfort in your home or office.

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AC repair price list

S.No Type of repair Price Warranty
1 Minor repair of air conditioner on site (split systems) 500 No
2 Replacing the compressor start capacitor 950 6 months
3 Fan Start Capacitor Replacement 450 6 months
5 Electronic board replacement. control in the indoor unit 1800 3 months
6 Restoring the electrical circuit of the outdoor unit 1500 3 months
7 Restoration of the electrical circuit Of the indoor unit 1500 3 months
8 Replacing the electronic control board in the outdoor unit 1800 3 months
9 Replacement of the thermal relay of the compressor 850 3 months
10 Replacing the outdoor fan motor 2800 3 months
11 Replacing the indoor fan motor 2200 3 months
12 Repair or replacement of the indoor fan impeller 2500 3 months
13 Replacing the outdoor fan impeller 1800 3 months
14 Replacing the Outdoor Unit Fan Stand 950 3 months
15 Blind Stepper Motor Replacement 950 3 months
16 Replacing blinds 400 3 months
17 Temperature sensor replacement 750 3 months
18 Evaporator or condenser repair 4500 3 months
19 Replacing the evaporator or condenser 7500 3 months
20 Compressor oil change 1500 3 months
21 Replacement (4-way valve) 1750 3 months
22 Repair or replacement of the coil (4-way valve) 1500 3 months
23 Replacement 2, 3-way valve 1250 3 months
24 Compressor replacement 10500 3 months
25 Minor repairs to the drainage system 450 No